Night Shift by Stephen King

I find it really difficult to review short stories, especially anthologies. Night Shift is a collection of King’s short stories, if I’m not mistaken, this is a collection of the first short stories he wrote in his early years of writing. The most shocking thing you have to know is that the writing is not outdated. That’s the thing about King, I’ve read his first book Carrie and the writing of it still felt like he wrote it months ago. Amazing author indeed.

I’m unsure of what to write here. It would make this review damn long if I were to review each short story, so I’ll just list down my favorites, and not so favorites, then give a brief explanation why I liked/disliked it. The ones not mentioned were either likable or boring.

The likes:
Graveyard Shift
Something about mutated rats really caught my interest. I’m not normally afraid of rats, but if ever I see one as big as the ones described in this short story, then I would probably be scared as hell.

Night Surf
The basis for The Stand, which is one of my favorites novels of all time. It was short but quite satisfying. I liked how King introduced the disease that would cause so much havoc in The Stand.

Quitter’s Inc
Honestly it would be a sin not to like this. No spoilers along your way though, so all I can say is choose your decisions wisely. It has been proven how addictive smoking is. I’ve never smoked in my life, and after reading this, I don’t think I ever will. The plot presented here is not unlikely to happen in real life, and that’s the reason why this was so scary and entertaining at the same time.

The Woman In The Room
Originality might not be the most prominent factor of this short story, but it was executed quite nicely. I liked the main character and it was a satisfying short read.

Sometimes They Come Back
Please don’t let them come back. The main character here was really likable, and the supernatural element was creepy as fuck. Good thing I was reading this one in the afternoon. A bit scarier than Pet Sematary if one were to look at the bigger picture.

The Ledge
Who doesn’t like to read about gambling/bets? I sure do. The deceiver becomes the deceived.

I Know What You Need
Creepy as fuck if ever I meet a woman of the same kind as the weird man in this one. For me this tackled psychological factors with a pinch of supernatural element/s along the way. Typical King. Amazing.

and last, my favorite of them all, The Boogeyman
I read The Boogeyman at one in the morning. That was the worst decision I’ve ever made in my reading life, so far (maybe alongside Pet Sematary). This one was fucking scary I had to turn on the lights right after. As none of you know, I’m a bit of a nocturnal person. I’m most productive at night, and being a Stephen King fan doesn’t really bode well with the nocturnal life. Really likable characters that were fully developed despite this being a short story. The Boogeyman was fucking scary and the ending scared me the most. The best of the whole collection.

There are the ones that I disliked. I don’t think I should do an “in-depth” review of them anymore because the ones that I did like managed to make this review long already. Let me just comment on how much I hated Jerusalem’s Lot but really likedOne for The Road . Both are related to ‘Salem’s Lot, a novel that I really didn’t like. I was expecting to like JL so that I could have a better reread of ‘Salem’s Lot in the future, but nope, I hated it just as much. Another noteworthy disappointment would beGray Matter . I’m sure it was showcased at the back of the book for a reason, but I’m quite unsure of what that reason would be.

4.5/5 stars. Not a perfect collection but some will never be forgotten. This collection was executed beautifully considering this was written in King’s early writing years. There’s a reason why King is my favorite author, and most of his works prove my point. This is one of those works. Read this if you want to be scared, and I’d recommend reading this at night.


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  1. I need to read more of Kings short story collection I tried out Skeleton Crew but it didn’t really wow me but I need to try this one it sounds super interesting šŸ™‚

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