The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

5stars rating

David Martin is a pulp fiction writer struggling in life. He went to Barcelona in hope of a better future, and the mysterious man with an unbelievable offer seemed to fulfill his wish. The events after he accepted the offer changed his life forever.
The first book, The Shadow of the WInd managed to exceed my expectations. I was a bit reluctant with this second one, but clearly Zafón is one hell of a writer. He once again managed to exceed my expectations. I consider him as one of the best Historical-Fiction writer ever. He knows how to write. He knows how to keep the reader interested and captivated all throughout the novel.

The plot was only a bit different than the first one, but still captivating. While reading the novel I once again felt like I was living the life of the main character. It felt like I was living in Barcelona the whole time. Zafón can really make the setting seem so believable. The writing was superb, and I could say that his writing is my favorite alongside Stephen King’s.

I really like it when the writer can make the character so likable and believable at the same time. Nothing changed from the first book, because both characters were unforgettable. David was just a fun guy to read about. He didn’t seem pretentious, and the supporting characters were just as good. Isabella and Christina were both perfect for David, but obviously he only loved one, as the author tried to convey.

The pacing was consistent. I was interested all throughout and the author even made the ending a bit fast paced than usual. The chapters near the end were action packed and the author surely gave the novel closure, despite the fact that there’s a third book in the series. I hate it when a novel feels incomplete because of the ending, thankfully I didn’t have that problem with this one.

5/5 stars and I can consider this one of my favorite books ever. Just as good, or even better than the first one. I can’t wait to read the next book and novella real soon. I’m really recommending this book, and the author to any avid readers out there. With perfect writing and super plot and characters, you really can’t go wrong with Zafón. Highly recommended with a plead to try out at least one of his novels.


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