The Madman’s Daughter by Megan Shepherd

Juliet Moreau is living a somewhat normal teenage life in London. The rumors of her father’s past never left her, but they made her a stronger and smarter woman. With a genuine interest in science, she can indeed call herself her father’s daughter. Everything was going normal until she once again meets Montgomery, her father’s young assistant. Their crossing of paths changed her life for good.

I am quite impressed with this book, especially because this is a YA book. I haven’t read an amazing YA book in years, and I’m glad to say The Madman’s Daughter might make me rethink my opinion of the YA genre. With the right amount of issues tackled and proficient writing, a YA book can be enjoyable.

The characters were really likable. Juliet, Montgomery, Edward, etc were fun to read. It was interesting to know what was going to happen to them, and also their past. This being a historical fiction novel, the past is always a very important element. The author managed to tell a very interesting history.

The main thing that made this novel amazing would be the mystery of her father. I just wanted to read on and on just to find out why, what, and how the father performed such experiments. With a huge interest in Science, this book was not a chore to read. It talked a lot about anatomy and physiology, topics which I studied last semester. The morphology of such creatures were somewhat on the fable side, but honestly curiosity made me interested still. I believe that in the field of science, almost anything is possible. To keep things short though, the topics tackled were more than adequate to keep my interest intact.

4.5/5 stars. One of those near perfect novels. One of the highest ratings I’ve given for a YA book. I’m really glad I finally decided to read this. While it was not genuine horror, it was still genuine great. Highly recommended from a reader who doesn’t even like YA that much. It was that good. Can’t wait to read the sequel!


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