The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

“Life is not a paragraph, and death is no parenthesis.”

I read Gone Girl more than a year ago, and I completely enjoyed the messed up novel. The Girl on the Train received a huge amount of praise because of its comparison to Gone Girl. There’s no concrete similarity between the two, but there is a slight resemblance in terms of the theme. They are both psychological thrillers and I have to say that I really enjoy that genre.

It would seem like a spoiler if I were to mentioned the ones talking in the novel. There are alternating chapters, but it would be safe to say that one of them is Rachel. She wasn’t my favorite character while reading the novel, but there was something about her that made me want to finish the book right away. There was a sense of pity felt toward her. She seemed so desperate and crazy that I had to know what really happened. With a likable but imperfect main character, this novel turned out to be a better psycho-thriller than expected.

The premise was absolutely compelling. There shouldn’t be a reason for someone not be interested in the novel. When I read the summary at the back, I immediately bought the book even without checking the rating and some reviews on Goodreads, despite what I normally do. A girl who takes the train everyday, but what she does while on the train, at a certain stop point, makes you rethink about public transportation and privacy. rThat being said, I had very high expectations, and gladly was satisfied after reading this.

The other characters were even better than Rachel, the snooper who didn’t seem to mind her own business. Their lives were a fun thing to read about, despite all the craziness. The crazier the better when we’re talking about this genre. I would’ve liked it more if the author spent less time narrating Megan and spent more time focusing on Anna. I understand how important the former was as compared to the latter, but sadly I liked the latter one way better. My favorite character in the novel would have to be Tom. Stating my reason though might lead to a spoiler, so let’s just say he was the most interesting one of them all.

The reason why I rated this a 4 would be that it didn’t reach the peak of my expectations. There was no major plot twist that really caught me off guard. I honestly saw everything coming, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy reading the novel. It was compelling despite knowing what’s going to happen next, and in the end.

4.5/5 stars. The only thing lacking would be the sense of surprise, but other than that, this was an amazing novel. If you liked Gone Girl, then odds are you’ll enjoy this one way or another. Highly recommended.


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