The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter

The main thing that made me interested in reading this would be the promising premise. It offered a million possibilities, and I was not disappointed. While the novel was not perfect, it was still an amazing novel that promises even more exciting things to come in the next novels in the series.

Embarrassingly I haven’t read any of the Discworld novels of Pratchett, and none of Baxter’s novels too. While anything space related has caught my interest ever since i was young, I haven’t invested myself in reading Hard-Sci-Fi before this. Lately while browsing through goodreads though, I always get a feeling of wanting to read a good Sci-Fi book. I finally decided to pick this one up, because it’s the most interesting one in my bookshelf.

The premise didn’t disappoint, and the novel has a great story. It’s about the possibility of countless earths, and the repercussions of having such possibility. I really enjoy speculative fiction, or anything speculative to be concise. As a Sci-Fi fan, I have a very colorful imagination. The possibility of other earths at a reach of a step is beyond interesting. I’m glad that there are 2 more books in the series because I really want to know more of it. I know that this first novel is aimed to be an introduction to the idea of stepping, so hopefully the next ones would offer a more vivid narration of the said possibility.

The characters are well developed and filled with humor. Joshua Valiente is the perfect main character, as he possessed wit and humor. The character of Lobsang would normally annoy me, but Pratchett managed to make me like that humor filled robot. Sally was also a really great addition to the team. She helped Joshua develop more into a round character.

4/5 stars. There were dull moments in the middle, but I’m still very impressed with this novel. A really satisfying first read of Pratchett and Baxter. I can’t wait to read more hard sci-fi novels of the mentioned authors and also vintage/classic ones like Dick, Clarke, Reynolds, and more. Highly recommended.


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