14 by Peter Clines

This highly acclaimed horror novel was very underwhelming for me. It’s one of those novels with a perfect premise, but the plot was lacking. I don’t think it’s the author’s fault though, because with the idea in his mind, endless possibilities were on the line. I enjoyed the novel overall, but I’m not completely satisfied.

There were more positives than negatives in this novel. I’m going to start talking about the negatives.

The plot contained a good amount of cliche, and that made it a bit bad. I hate cliches, and horror novels normally contain only a few. I’m not going to include the cliches anymore because that would result into spoilers. Let’s just say I saw the ending coming, and also most of what happened in between. If you want something original, then yes the premise would make you happy, but the overall thing wouldn’t.

What was great about the novel would be the good set of characters. From the main character to the minor ones, all of them were fully developed in the end. Nate was a great main character and he delivered what he needed to do. Right from the start he was entertaining, and so were his apartment neighbors. My only complaint would be the cliche things that happened with them in the end. I saw everything coming, once again.

The revelation was a bit absurd. I know that the novel was weird right from the start, but it went overboard with the revelation of the whole secret. I wasn’t shocked or amazed at all.

3.5/5 stars. Time to wrap this review up because I have nothing else to say. This is one of those novels wherein I can’t seem to comment much on it. No need to ramble on further. All you need to know is that the plot was not so great, but the characters were.


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