Batman Earth One: Volume 2 by Geoff Johns

“Gotham may have lost its king and queen, Bruce, but it could still have its prince.”

It’s been a while since I read Batman:Earth One, vol.1 and when I saw this featured in my local bookstore, I had to grab a copy. Vol.1 was amazing for me, and it also made my favorite-graphic-novels list. I’m glad that the second volume didn’t disappoint, and that it was even better.

I normal hate retellings, but this reimagining of Batman was spot on. Nothing changed in terms of his attitude though, because he’s still one arrogant little prick. I like dark characters, and Batman is always the number one dark character for me. Alfred on the other hand was a bit different from the usual. I liked the new Alfred, unlike my brother who told me that the original Alfred-the-butler was better. I liked both, but I didn’t mind the change in attitude.

The artwork was amazing, just like the first volume. Vivid colors and the sketches were done remarkably. Not the best Batman costume, but it was good enough.

This is probably my favorite Batman story ever. I haven’t read much, but this one is the best so far. The plot was consistent, and the villains were great. I used to watch Batman Forever a million times growing up. I loved The Riddler there, so it’s no a shock that I was glad to read about Riddler. I’m quite disappointed that there wasn’t much riddles, but I’m also elated that The Riddler was the main villain here.

I like how Johns kept portraying Batman as a symbol of hope for Gotham. Batman for me is beyond a guy in a costume. I also like how he made Batman a bit less intelligent than usual. Most of the other stuff I read/watched portrayed him as an omnipotent superhero. I don’t see him like that, and I’m glad this reimagining changed that.

5/5 stars. One of my favorite graphic novels ever, and I can’t wait for volume 3. Really hoping that it wouldn’t take Geoff Johns a few years to finish it. As I said in one of my past reviews, Geoff Johns is my favorite graphic novel writer ever, and gladly he hasn’t let me down so far.


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