Batman Vol.6 Graveyard Shift by Scott Snyder

Vol.6 = A bunch of individual stories compiled.

I honestly couldn’t say that any one of the stories could be considered a favorite, but they were thrilling nonetheless. The struggles Batman had coping up with the lost of his son was a good read, and brought an emotion side to the ever-so-serious Batman. It’s good that Snyder decided to show that Batman does have emotions, but hopefully it wouldn’t be over abundant in the next volumes. I wouldn’t want Batman to turn into a drama series.

Compared to Vol.4 and 5, this was a huge improvement. Despite having no singular plot of its own, it was a great compilation. Just like a lot of people, I’m also wondering what is up with the t-rex in the batcave? Not saying it wasn’t cool, but what is up with that?

4.5/5 stars. Nothing compared to the first volume of the series, but a great contender. Can’t wait for vol.7 to come out!


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