Death of Wolverine by Charles Soule

If anyone were to ask me what was the most underwhelming graphic novel I’ve ever read, Death of Wolverine would be my straight out answer. It always sucks when your favorite superhero of all time got a not so good plot. Not so good in a way that the ending ruined it all, or let me change that, the length ruined it all.

Wolverine started to lose his healing powers, so that means he’s not the immortal mutant we’ve gotten used to. He has to fight mano-a-mano with the people hired to capture him for a hefty amount of cash. Mr. Fantastic begs him not to use his claws anymore as it would hasten his death. Wolverine doesn’t seek a resolution for the lost power, but rather a happy ending to grow old and finally die. The enemies were in the way though.

After reading the fourth issue I was very much disappointed. Obviously 4 issues were not enough to conclude one of the greatest superheroes ever. For me it was quite disrespectful that they rushed the death of one of the most important characters in the Marvel universe. I know it’s more biased on my part because he’s my favorite of all time, but it really felt rushed. I needed more, and the author needed more to really make us feel the grief. I felt like nothing after reading this because the death was so underwhelming. That was it? That was fucking it? I want him resurrected and for them to stop this bullshit death if they can’t do it properly.

2/5 stars. What was commendable though would be the amazing artwork. Even Kitty looked great! If you’re looking for top notch plot though, this is not for you.


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