Lobo Vol.1 (New 52) by Cullen Bunn

Don’t we all like a badass DC character? Shouldn’t Lobo be one of the go to characters when we’re talking about badass? Normally yes, but in this New 52 arc, no is the answer.

Whenever I hear Lobo I immediately think badass. Lobo normally kills merciless, so brutality should be expected in this volume. I like a huge amount of gore and killing no matter how gruesome, and this one delivered in that aspect. Right from the start I was introduced with Lobo killing a bunch of things already. Action wise, you’re not gonna miss out at all.

The main problem with this was the plot. There was no plot development, or there plot wasn’t even interesting to begin with. That’s the problem with these New 52 series. DC wanted to wow us fans with great things, but ended up disappointing us volume after volume. Lobo is one of those disappointments.

The artwork was decent. It didn’t impress me like Justice League(New 52) but I’m glad it wasn’t terrible. Most not so famous characters get the bad artwork treatment, but Lobo received a decent one. It was vivid and the artwork made the gruesome aspect even better.

3/5 stars. I’m still puzzled on why Netgalley (DC Comics) accepted my request, but I’m damn glad they did. After all those rejections I at least deserve one of your titles. Still hoping they would start accepting more of my requests now, especially of the more famous titles.

I received a review copy from Netgalley (DC Comics) in exchange for an honest review.


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