Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie

I hope no one kills me because I know most of the people who read this really enjoyed it in the end. This is another one of my unpopular opinions, so bear with me as I try to explain what went wrong, for me.

Every time I pick up a sci-fi novel, I always read the synopsis. I like my sci-fi brutal and heavy on battles and politics. It’s the mixture of both that made me really like the genre to begin with. The premise of this novel didn’t seem like it was going to offer no action at all till the end. Ancillary Justice was all talk, and unfortunately the talk wasn’t even interesting.

The idea of artificial intelligence will always be interesting for me. That reason alone made me want to read this novel already, so it’s safe to say that I’m quite disappointed in that aspect of the novel. I didn’t get what I wanted because Leckie didn’t really tackle much on A.I the way that I wanted her to. I wanted to see how A.I. could really mess up humanity, and while it did mess up humanity in the novel, it wasn’t adequate. I was underwhelmed with the overall plot.

Speaking of the plot, did it really develop? For me, it didn’t. To begin with, the alternating timelines were tremendously confusing because what was happening didn’t interest me. How would I continue reading enthusiastically if the plot wasn’t even engaging. My attention span was of a five year old while reading this. I wanted to do other things, anything to be honest, just not read this novel. The only reason why I finished this was because I wanted to get it over with. I didn’t want to put this on my did-not-finish shelf because I know that eventually I’d be giving it another go anyway.

The characters were also terrible. They were dull and underdeveloped. No one really made an impact, or even appeared as interesting. I didn’t care about those who died, and I wouldn’t have cared if the main character and her companion died. What could be worse than a boring plot? Terrible lifeless characters.

After all the hatred mentioned I still gave this a 2 star rating. I honestly don’t think it deserves a one star, and my current mood might have influenced my experience with this one. You see, it was boring, but not bad. There’s a difference for me. Most of my 1 star novels received such a rating because the ending was disgusting, or the plot was useless. This one was boring, but I see why people loved it. They loved the plot, and the issues tackled by Leckie. I personally didn’t, and honestly that’s why I didn’t enjoy this.

2.5/5 stars. Will I be reading the sequel? Yes, because the ending of this first novel was good. Not a genuine cliffhanger, but engaging enough to make me want to read the next one in the future.


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