Wanted by Mark Millar

This is another clear example of why you shouldn’t listen to most criticisms about a novel/graphic novel that you’re interested in. I bought this without knowing that most of my friends hated this, and that there was a movie made already. I just read the short synopsis at the back because the cover looked fucking great. Months later, I ended up picking this up from the top of my bookshelf, and managed to enjoy the hell out of it.

This is not one of those cheap crime shit that you get most of the time. I really enjoyed the story, and the plot developed extremely well. I liked how the author portrayed the main character at first. He was this weak pussy who didn’t really know how to live his life the right way. He was being messed around like he’s some kind of slave. I never want to be what he was before he became the badass killer. I don’t want to be that guy who lives as if he is paying paid to be boring. I hate routine shit, because life is an adventure, and you shouldn’t be ordering the same fucking sandwich for 18 months straight.

It was a bit unrealistic how he became this batshit crazy good assassin all of a sudden, but like the author said, the answer lies on his genes. I liked the major plot twist Millar thrown in the end. I didn’t see it coming at all because I was fixated on a lot of other things. This is a good example of a crime story. Something to make your mouth drop in the end.

I am so fed up of reading about how superheroes save the day. This is the graphic novel to read if you want your villains to shine. I’ve always been a fan of villains, so that’s another plus point for this.

Another thing that I really enjoyed here was the brutal factor. I like my crime novels as brutal as possible, and this didn’t disappoint in that aspect.

The artwork was fantastic. The sketches were spot on, and the characters didn’t look like cheap garbage. Aside from that, the quality of the paper and the print was great. It wasn’t cheap stuff, reminds me a bit of Saga’s paper quality but a bit better. They obviously didn’t hold back in terms of that.

5/5 stars. One of my favorite graphic novels ever. I’ll surely read this again in the future. Highly recommended for those who are fans of crime and brutality. I can’t wait to watch the movie soon.


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  1. Sounds brilliant, glad you took a chance on this book will definitely adding to my tbr 🙂

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  2. tlr says:

    I agree 100% too few people make up their own minds…

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