Saga Vol. 5 by Brian K. Vaughan

I honestly don’t know how this series will get better in the future. Volume 2-3 for me were the peak of the series, and volume 4 slightly resulted to decline. This fifth volume was not that bad, because it brought out an even more weird side to the series. What’s running inside my head though is that how could this improve even more, enough for me to give it a five star rating? Hopefully volume 6 could answer that.

This volume brought out Vaughan’s weird side even more. I liked how they were on a mission to collect dragon cum, and ended up almost collecting from a female dragon. It was just a massive amount of twists and turns that led to me enjoying it. It also focused on themes like war, politics, and family.

My favorite character in the series is The Will. No, it’s not because we share the same name, but because he’s the most badass among them all. Alana and Marko are also great, but The Will is still my favorite among the three. He didn’t really show up in here except in the end, so that’s a thumbs down for this volume. I’m glad though that Vaughan decided to write a bit more about Marko’s past. It’s a great way to develop a character further. One of my concerns though is that I have no idea when and how would I ever like the narrator. She seems nonexistent to me, despite the fact that she’s speaking almost every page. I’m hoping that I’m going to learn to like her eventually. The author is hinting for more appearances of the daughter.
The artwork of the series in general should be commended. It’s one of the best ones out there today, and I strongly believe it’s going to stay like that, if not, even better. I like how the characters are portrayed, because it makes the graphic novel vivid. Sometimes when the artwork is bad I tend to lose interest, so thankfully Saga continuously provides its fans with amazing artwork.

4/5 stars. A solid addition to the series, but not quite as good as I was expecting. It was a little bit all over the place, but still massively enjoyable. Highly recommended for those who have read vol. 1-4, and I’m recommending the series in general to those who are still reluctant to give this a try.


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