iZombie Vol.1 by Chris Robertson

I first heard about iZombie when I watched the pilot episode of the tv series about a year ago. The show wasn’t mind blowing, but I enjoyed watching it. I’m actually still watching the show now that it’s on its second season. How does this compare to the show? This graphic novel series is way better, in many aspects.

The show focuses on Gwen and how eating brains affects her. It’s not boring, but it lacks the sense of complexity that the graphic novel has. I liked that the author managed to combine supernatural elements in a good way. Most series that try to combine everything end up messing the whole thing. iZombie is an exception, at least for now.

The whole brain eating and having visions remind me a bit of another graphic novel series, Chew. I like the idea of it in general, and the author didn’t mess things up. The character development aspect was a bit incompetent. Hopefully they further develop in the next volumes, because most of them seem really interesting. Even the vampires seem interesting here, and I only like a few vampire stories. The author should work on the “werewolf” though, because that was slightly unlikable.

I didn’t enjoy the artwork, unfortunately. It looks a bit cheap, and a lot dull than it should be. I know the series revolves around zombies, but that doesn’t mean the artwork should look dull. Aside from the dull colors, I also didn’t like the sketches. They were too cartoonish but made to look real. For me it was all over the place.

4/5 stars. Despite the unsatisfactory artwork, the plot is truly redeeming. Highly recommended to zombie fans who wants a bit of a different take on the genre.


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