The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

Contemporary YA is not my genre, but this novel was an exception. I prejudged it based on the first few chapters, but as the plot developed, I started to like it.

This is a novel about a group of friends who wants to have a normal life. They just want to graduate before the school blows up. Mysterious and paranormal things get in their way, but they did all they could to succeed.

What was most striking to me was the fact that Ness managed to incorporate a lot of serious issues in this novel. It was supposed to be a fun novel, but it was both fun and eye opening. He tackled multiple issues like depression, anxiety, and more. The novel was a mixture of laughter and sadness. Near the end was the part of sadness creeping in.

I really liked how the characters developed and how they were connected to each other. I always ask for a novel with good characters, and this one has that. the transformation of the main character was commendable. He became a lot independent and wise, as compared to what he was in the first few chapters.

The plot was light and straightforward. The premise didn’t wander off from its promise, so it’s not disappointing in that aspect. The plot was too simple though, for me. Ness could’ve added more interesting elements, and that would’ve made me give this a higher rating.

4/5 stars. Impressive new novel from Patrick Ness. I enjoyed most of his other novels, so it wasn’t a surprise that I enjoyed this one too. It’s always a whole lot of guessing when it comes to Ness. Like how I kept on guessing how the novel was going to end. Things didn’t go my way, but I liked how he ended things.


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