The Ice Dragon by George R.R. Martin

Another short story that I didn’t enjoy that much. Nothing new, it’s probably all on me again.

This middle grade novel tells a story about Adara and her struggles, or at least, the struggles of people around her. Every winter, the ice dragon comes to the place she lives in. Lucky for her, winter is the time of her birthday. She looks forward to every visit that the ice dragon does, but everyone around her hates the dragon. It brings harsh winter effects and hinders the crops to grow. In actuality, the dragon is a curse for everyone.

One thing that I can really commend on is the artwork. This edition is illustrated and even the text is color blue. It’s vivid and engaging, but unfortunately the plot didn’t amaze me.

3/5 stars. Not the best thing I’ve read from Martin, but it seems like a short prequel to the Song of Ice and Fire series.


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